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Are you due for a Microsoft 365 Health Check?

What changes are coming?

From April 2023 Microsoft are introducing their new price increases for Office 365, which means all your subscriptions will be higher, even those that are not used regularly!


This means now is the BEST time to do a health check on your office 365 subscriptions to avoid unnecessary costs.

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How can we help?

bedigital are offering a 365 health check to show you the following:

  • Opportunities to reduce costs before the price increases 

  • Usage levels for key applications to improve productivity 

  • Benchmarking your usage efficiency against industry best practices to show you how to improve

  • Security  for SharePoint, Teams, and One Drive sites

  • License compliance risks to avoid potential penalties

Who are bedigital?

We are a team of Subject Matter Experts who help businesses reduce their licensing expenditure, mitigate the risks of software vendor audits and develop their in-house ITAM operations & capabilities.

We are independent and not affiliated with any software vendors – so the less you spend on software the better it is for us both.

Why use bedigital?

Over the past 3 years, we have saved our customers an average of at least 30% in software licensing fees and renewals.

We guarantee that we will find savings that are at least double the cost of any engagement.

With or without a Software Asset Management tool we can still save you money and help to future-proof your licensing agreements.

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