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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is centred around the journey which is simple, clean and efficient to allow your digital estate to embrace change.

Digital strategy

Understanding how IT will deliver the business goals and what that means in a digital world.

Service design

Designing the services and capabilities to meet your organisation’s needs.

Cloud services

Leveraging technology to deliver clear digital services.

Customer successes


We provide expertise to support the development and maturing of the Enterprise Architecture services, the adoption of business capability modelling and integration across the business to support the transformation of BT.

Free Webinar Download

bedigital's Transformation Director, Richard Tyler, discusses digital transformation and the struggles it brings in his latest 60 minute webinar.

Using the global pandemic as an example, Richard digs into the challenge’s leaders are facing and the critical role that trust plays in the successful delivery of change management and digital transformation in your organisation.

Richard has more than 20 years’ experience in IT change management, working with the likes of BT, Co-operative Group, DVLA, DWP, Cap Gemini and many more. He will be sharing his learnings and real-life experiences of the digital transformation journey and providing you with some practical tools to take away and implement.


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