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Digital strategy

In the digital world, business and technology come together to deliver better outcomes for you and your customers.

Realising what is possible requires the integration of digital technologies into your business strategy and delivery roadmaps. 


bedigital has the expertise to support you through the journey and define a strategy and journey appropriate for where you are now and where you want to be whilst leveraging best practice and the most appropriate technologies. 


Business motivation model

Identifying and prototyping the business model needed to deliver the brand, customer and employee experience required. Working with your business to consider market segments, service portfolio, key business capabilities, the business performance model, supply chain and business policies or principles.

Digital strategy

Designing the digital components of the service portfolio complete capability needed to manage these services, understanding the gaps between current and target state, and articulating the roadmap to deliver the desired customer experience.

Capability development

Defining the capability objectives, agreeing stakeholders, required service portfolio and customer experience, understanding the capability and maturity needed to deliver these, identifying the gaps and formulating the roadmap and communication strategy needed to achieve the desired uplift.

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