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Wave goodbye to the headache of managing multiple suppliers.

The hard thing about hard things.

It would be unfair to say outsourcing hasn’t brought some benefits to organisations, however as time has passed and the industry has grown, the long-term negative impact of contracting-out certain critical services (particularly technical services) has become apparent. The structure of these contracts has resulted in a severe lack of innovation, service and overall value, no incentive to drive transformative change.

The UK government, in particular, grew increasingly concerned about the number of lengthy, large-scale contracts held with just a small number of suppliers. A review in 2016, ‘Ocean Liner’, was a catalyst for a drive toward multi-vendor, disaggregated contracts, with cloud-first and in-sourcing forming the underlying principles.

A change of this magnitude carries a huge amount of risk, particularly because it touches every part of an organisation. If unsuccessful, it’s a long, drawn-out, painful experience for everyone involved, affecting both customer and staff attrition. If meticulously planned however, and managed as a programme of organisation-wide change, the benefits are substantial, which is where DMSG can help.

Ensuring your disaggregation success

From the earliest stages of contract disaggregation, DMSG has been core to the development of a consistent approach, working with teams including Government Digital Service (GDS), Strategic Support Team (SST), Complex Transaction Team (Commercial) and the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA).

DMSG provides teams with a broad range of expertise, with an ability to work at all levels, from programme managers and financial specialists to service and technical architects. Our procurement capability ensures contracts are outcome-based, meeting the real needs of the business. Activity is refocused to make contract management absolutely core  – driving value from contracts and improving customer experience through a single business-facing IT organisation.

Architecting and implementing new service operating models

Getting IT contract disaggregation right the first time - based on years of experience in this space

Improving how suppliers perform, particularly in multi-vendor envrionments

Defining and improving service levels

Identifying duplication of existing services

Driving digital transformation

Customer successes.

Read how DMSG helped the Cabinet Office define a standard approach to IT contract disaggregation, with up to 25% cost savings and significantly improved service levels.

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