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Commercial Optimisation Services

As more and more services migrate to the Cloud it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure cost optimisation across your IT Estate.


We help you drive costs and time out of operations by:

  • Giving improved visibility of your service costs so you can make better decisions

  • Integrating business and IT strategies to better align expenditure to business drivers

  • Simplified processes for procuring, maintaining, and replacing technology solutions.  

Our consultants work with you to enable savings to be achieved when you engage on a major software renewal, technology transition, audit, through ongoing contract management advice and support. 

How we can help you 


  • Commercial & Contract Management 

  • Cloud Supply chain and commercial/contract management strategies. 

  • Supplier, License and Vendor management strategy & Negotiation

  • Cloud cost management, including vendor agnostic tool advice and implementation

  • Cost transparency, including vendor agnostic tool advice and implementation


  • Highlights optimisation opportunities to reduce unnecessary over-expenditure

  • In-depth optimisation knowhow and specialist expertise
    Vendor Specific experts

  • Enables you to gain control of current spend.

  • Greater agility, transparency, and value for money (VFM)

  • Realisation of business benefits and reduction of business costs/risks

  • Rebalance risks and reduce vendor lock-in

  • Ensure supply chain contract management complexities managed

Our approach


Our Commercial Service is designed to maximise the benefits of your current software estate. Incorporating strategy and scenario planning, infrastructure analysis, software usage and lifecycle management, we ensure your organisation is optimising any relevant software and using the right strategy to enter negotiations in addition to understanding the market to ensure optimisation.  
Examples include: DWP – Oracle, 30% savings over 3yr contract; Microsoft  45% savings over 5 year contract and IBM/Redhat 40% savings over 1 year

License Optimisation


Tooling provides an understanding of what an organisation has and where it is being used but Optimisation requires and understanding how this might be changed to realise benefits. Optimisation is not achieved by manually managing software. We can provide the technical and commercial expertise to produce a reconciled and optimised licence position for each vendor providing clear pathways and actions required for minimising the cost of your assets, and helping you find the right solutions to ensure long term success. 

Cost transparency


Building a cost and reporting model for your business which allows for clear, service-based cost reporting which brings the total cost of ownership into focus. This exposes cost drivers and levers, so IT and the business understand where they can impact costs. bedigital has the financial expertise to lead this work and partner agnostically with technical service and software providers to provide the tools to bring the benefit quickly.

Cloud cost management


Cloud provides great benefits but increases the cost risk to organisations from poor or reactive management of these assets. We drive business value by understanding, managing, and optimizing purchase and usage of public cloud. Understand costs and usage to avoid surprises and drive accountability. Manage consumption by asset, service and business units to make better decisions. Optimise resources by taking action on underutilized and idle instances and implementing processes and tools to pro-actively manage your costs. bedigital can provide tools to bring cloud cost management into your organisation and give you the insight you need to track and manage.

ITAM Capabilities Overview

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