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Cloud services

Whether it be enablement, consolidation, consultancy or migration, bedigital has a wealth of experience in helping organisations realise the benefits of cloud computing.

Our cloud service aims to support your organisation in whatever stage of the journey you are on from delivering a comprehensive cloud strategy to consolidating and building enablement tooling to bring efficiencies into your cloud deployments.​

Cloud strategy

Regardless of your industry, a clear cloud strategy is more than just a document. We help you build and communicate a clear vision of how your organisation will use cloud to deliver customer-focused services and cut costs.

Managed cloud

bedigital can provide a highly skilled team of cloud engineers to manage and support your cloud environments. We deliver dedicated managed cloud services across the entire portfolio of cloud solutions. With a choice of cloud deployment models and a full range of services, you can rapidly and safely transition to the cloud and operate at peak efficiency. Leverage bedigital extensive experience and end-to-end enterprise services for reduced risk, increased productivity, and a lower total cost of ownership.

Cloud migration

Moving your business from traditional IT to the cloud can feel complex, risky and daunting. Sure, it’s not always an easy journey, but with a clearly defined, tried and tested process, our skilled and experienced cloud services team make cloud migration straightforward, controlled and transparent.


We take you from the discovery; where we find out about your business, your current IT systems and what you want to gain from migration; right through the transition to the post-migration peak, where we offer enablement and staff training. This way, your business will make the most out of your cloud IT investment.

Cloud consultancy

It is becoming more and more evident that cloud services can totally transform the way in which organisations deliver services to their end users. The success factors depend on choosing the right cloud partner, cloud platform and leveraging the myriad of services and options each provider offers. bedigital cloud consultants can help provide thought leadership across design, build and operating services on cloud.


Our consultants can help you understand the best way to implement new automation and orchestration tooling. We view enablement as creating standards and building a set of tools which empower people from all over your organisation to build and manage cloud environments quickly and in a controlled way.

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