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Is your cloud keeping its promises?

Since the concept of cloud was first introduced, bold claims have repeatedly been made that it can help your business do things quicker, better, cheaper. As services have matured over the years, in some cases these claims can hold true, however when you dive beneath the surface – looking at actual cost savings, rates of adoption, and reliability, it’s often found that reality is very different from the picture painted in the marketing brochures.

Inefficient processes in a traditional data centre environment become inefficient processes in the cloud. Snail-pace deployment times and increased time-to-market of business services will see users reaching for their credit cards for alternative ‘shadow-IT’ options. Similarly, without adequate controls in place, cloud sprawl (the uncontrolled growth of cloud instances/services/platforms) becomes a nightmarish reality, bringing with it spiralling costs, and further security risks.

Across the modern enterprise, pockets of small, agile projects can quickly take-off, which is great from an innovation perspective, however without standard building blocks in place, multiple siloes of ‘cloud islands’ grow, lacking opportunity for integration and challenging to support.

If you build it, they will come.

Cloud doesn't always work out like that.

Getting the most out of your cloud investment.

There is another way – DMSG has years of experience in helping customers get the most out of their cloud investments through our Cloud Enablement services. Augmenting your existing technical capabilities, we provide bespoke mentoring, training and support, transferring our knowledge to empower your teams to operate independently and efficiently.

Find the balance between innovation and improving legacy operational processes

Gain transparency of cloud billing, enabling insights to control and reduce monthly operational expenditure

Reduce time to market for new business services - improving cloud adoption and reliance on 'shadow IT'

Identify, mitigate and reduce risk regarding data protection and data loss

Maximise cloud benefits of cloud integrations whilst reducing support challenges of siloed, disparate cloud platforms

Leverage automation and reduce manual processes and tools that have migrated from legacy environments along with the services to the cloud

Customer successes.

Read how DMSG helped the DVLA reduce deployment times by 99% through a cloud enablement programme.

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