Secure Digital eXchange Implementation

The Challenge

DWP are embarking on a programme to deliver a best practice, provider agnostic Hybrid Cloud Services operational capability offering improved hosting choices with greater flexibility and agility. 

Secure Digital eXchange (SDX) proposes basic connectivity development that is intended to support high capacity access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, initially, and other vendors in the future. This basic connectivity will form the basis of a solution capable of connecting out the other ‘Cloud’ environments from existing DWP systems across the network: 

SDX will deliver: 

  • The ability to create peering relationships with core cloud providers (initially AWS & Azure)  
  • Accelerate the integration of the Hybrid Cloud gateway with other Government networks e.g. Public Services Network (PSN), Health and Social Care Network (HSCN, formerly N3) 
  • A gateway to provide bandwidth and security controls required to deliver applications through a secure, controlled, repeated design pattern 
  • High capacity fibre connections between two cloud peering locations and Crown Hosting locations


bedigial Solution

Several Project Delivery Units (PDU) required access to Cloud Services (AWS, Azure etc) from within the DWP infrastructure, and connectivity back to applications/hosts in the DWP Data Centres from the Cloud hosted applications. For each PDU/project DMSG supported to DWP to deliver the following outcomes

  • Provided support and triage all new SDX service requests, agreeing business requirements and will work with the engineers to determine impact, effort & scheduling including datacentres. 
  • Produced and maintained take-on plans reporting progress
    to DWP, PDU leads and HCS Programme Office 
  • Provided end-to-end connectivity designs and documentation, based on re-usable design patterns. 
  • Produced the SDX Build instructions and test plans;  
  • Managed Implementation of the designs through DWP
    Change Management process;  
  • Tested the solution and confirmed operation to the design; 
  • Assisted PDU with testing and assurance; 
  • Assisted with the identification and mitigation of residual
    risk and migrations; 
  • Engaged in early life support for Incidents or changes
    required in the Datacentres
  • Supported the delivery of IT Health Check by the
    DWP ITHC Supplier; 
  • Provided Knowledge Transfer to Production Operations;