ITAM Transformation

£14m made in cost savings

Implemented a new TOM for ITAM

Further £25m of potential savings identified

The Challenge

After a number licensing and hardware support issues arose across the Department for Work & Pensions in 2018 it was recognised that Technology Asset Management needed improving.  As a result, bedigital were engaged in the summer of 2019 to address a number of issues across 3 programmes of work to deliver the following outcomes; 

  • Support the renegotiation of a number of major contracts
  • Implement a new TOM for Asset Management
  • Identification of immediate cost savings
  • Establishment of an Agile, services based TAM function.

bedigial Solution

Bedigital established a multi-workstream programme with DWP to gain control of the TAM functions and deliver the outcomes through the following projects;

  • Priority Vendor Support
  • Target Operating Model
  • Tool Implementation
  • Transition & Knowledge Transfer

The Outcome

Vendor Support: bedigital reviewed the current license and usage positions and prepared DWP for contract renegotiations with these suppliers. 15 major vendors were reviewed to understand the current ELP’s and build OLP’s for DWP to contract for.

Building the ELP’s identified approximately £12m in risk for DWP but through working with architecture to build strategies for each of the vendors and understanding the license opportunities we actually realised £14m / annum savings whilst reducing the risk to DWP to below £1m.

Target Operating Model

Bedigital created a service model for the provision of TAM across DWP allowing TAM to be seen and understood as a governance function supporting asset utilising teams in maximising their efficient utilisation of assets, rather than as a separate function which was not integrated with the BAU teams.  As a result the DWP was able to build a TAM team which was baselined at the lowest cost level whilst maintaining much higher control and management of assets, reducing Value at Risk for the estate significantly.

Tool Implementation

Working with specialist TAM tools suppliers we implemented Snow , IQATE, BMC and ILMT across the DWP estate to improve the collection, management and reporting of asset data.

By integrating the tools into the DWP support team’s processes we minimised the overhead in collecting the information.

Transition & Knowledge Transfer

Transition and Knowledge transfer work stream was run throughout the engagement to ensure that the DWP TAM staff were involved in all areas of the work and had gained the necessary skills to support the services once we finished the transformation.