Development Services

The Challenge

In 2017, having used offshore IT development partners for several years, Alcumus decided to bring their IT development back in-house. They recognised that having an innovative, agile and responsive IT development capability was increasingly mission critical to future growth and maintaining their position as market leaders in digital services. For this they needed full control of IT development and digital services, whilst having the flexibility to bring in capacity and capability as required.

bedigital Solution

As Alcumus have progressively in-housed and transformed their IT development capabilities, they have needed to flex and scale their capacity and capabilities at various times. bedigital have helped them to manage this seamlessly by providing on-demand capacity and capability, using either our in-house consultants or expertise drawn from our extensive pool of trusted associates. These engagements have included:

  • Alcumus website for the marketing departme• Development and maintenance of legacy applications, which would have distracted permanent staff from priority projects 
  • Technical Consultancy to support the development and configuration of the nt, providing deep expertise in the initial set-up and major changes of the Kentico CRM 

While the transformation and in-housing programme was in-flight, Alcumus needed to react quickly to market changes, which required development of a new digital product. 

At that stage, their IT development did not have the capacity to undertake the work. bedigital rapidly mobilized a team of 6 and, working together with Alcumus IT teams, we delivered the new product successfully on an outcome-based, shared-risk basis. SAFEPQQ ( was successfully launched to the market, meeting the business need, with high appraisal.

“bedigital has taken the time to get to know our hiring managers, positioning them better in the market when identifying candidates. In turn, candidate retention has been significantly higher and so too the quality of candidates. The proof has been the increased ratio of interviews to hires.”

“The on-site presence, with continued off-site support, offers a fast and effective solution to the struggles we have been facing, working with contingent IT recruiters.”