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Company overview

The Cabinet Office is responsible for supporting the Prime Minister and Cabinet as well strengthening the civil service of the United Kingdom.

Business challenge

Following the 2016 ‘Ocean Liner’ review and changes to Government policy, there was a drive to move away from lengthy, single-vendor IT contracts, toward multi-vendor disaggregated contracts, with cloud-first and in-sourcing forming the underlying principles. The expected benefits of this policy change were significant. However, a change of this magnitude cannot be underestimated, and without appropriate planning, the transformation would carry a huge amount of risk, as well taking far longer to introduce the change than expected.

To support this change, a new function would be required to ensure a consistent approach for Large Expiring IT Contracts (LECs), and the formation of a cross-functional support team, sponsored by the Permanent Secretary for the Cabinet Office.

bedigital's solution

Based on significant experience within the Strategic Support Team (SST), bedigital was selected to work within Government Digital Service (GDS) to provide strategic direction and support the movement to a disaggregated IT model, ensuring consistency of adoption of common technical services across government from a commercial, delivery, support and technical perspective.


bedigital provided a diverse team of resources including technical resources architects, service designers, financial modellers, programme and delivery managers, and agile coaches. Functional areas covered included:


  • Target operating model and Service design

  • SIAM / Service desk

  • End User Computing

  • Hosting and Data Centres

  • WAN and LAN Networks

  • Application development and maintenance


After the initial artefacts were signed off, these were rolled out for use with government departments and arms-length bodies to assist them with introductions of disaggregated models. These included the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Ministry of Justice (MOJ), Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), Home Office, Independent Office for Police Conduct (IPCC), Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Counter-Terrorism, and High Speed 2 (HS2).


To ensure successful project delivery, bedigital resources worked closely with the Complex Transaction Team (Commercial) and the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) (Delivery) from within the Cabinet Office.


Enabled cost savings across all engagements

bedigital delivered significant cost savings (up to 25% in some cases) across all engagements. 


Aligned services levels to business requirements

One of the criticisms of the outsourced model was a lack of innovation; through this project, a key tenet was to engage the business communities within each department to transform ways of working for the better.

Defining and installing a common set of tools

Deployment and utilisation of a common set of operating models and artefacts for future use across Government departments and agencies.

bedigital helps Cabinet Office realise benefits of disaggregation of prime IT contracts

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