Spring-clean your software: 4 tips to tidy your IT Asset Management practices

By bedigital on April 19th, 2024

Spring has (finally) sprung and it’s the perfect time for new beginnings. What better way to kick-start your spring cleaning by not only sprucing up your home, but your software assets too.  

As IT professionals, we often hear questions like: ‘Why is software so complex?’ and ‘do we really need all this software?’. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the constant updates, costs and choices that surround an IT estate. But the good news is optimising your software doesn’t need to be a burden— we can help.  

Here’s some information to help guide the reorganisation of your IT estates that may prove to be more useful than an old feather duster:  

Review and assess

It’s important to start by conducting a comprehensive review of your current software inventory. By identifying unused or under-utilised licenses, you can effectively evaluate the value each individual piece of software brings to your organisation.  

Optimise and rationalise  

Removing redundant applications and consolidating software licenses will help to optimise your entire software portfolio. This will make it easier to identify opportunities for more cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance.   

Budget and forecast 

Through aligning software spending with your strategic goals, you can create a transparent budget that accounts for renewals, upgrades and potential investments in new technologies.  

Stay informed 

It’s crucial to stay informed about any industry trends and software updates that could impact your organisation. By regularly reviewing your software agreements, you can ensure complete compliance with vendor guidelines and leverage negotiation opportunities.  

How we can help your Software Asset Management 

Our IT Asset Management (ITAM) team are experts in dusting off the digital cobwebs of an inefficient IT estate, as our services are designed to help businesses like yours make informed decisions about their software usage. Whether it’s through identifying redundant licenses, rationalising software portfolios or finding cost effective solutions, our expert consultants can guide you every step of the way.  

Are you ready to declutter your software assets and streamline your operations?  

Get in touch with our ITAM experts to find out about how we can transform your business today!  

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