Our first AI event: what was covered 

By bedigital on May 23rd, 2024

Last Wednesday, bedigital joined forces with NatWest, Careful AI and HCR Law to provide insight and examples on how artificial intelligence is changing the business landscape.  

‘The Future of AI: Embracing Innovation for Business’ saw over 100 attendees from various companies connect with leading figures in AI. The event was held at Sophia Gardens cricket ground and suffice to say, the speakers truly knocked it out of the park. 

Image of bedigital team prepping for the keynote presentation

Explaining what AI means for business 

When all 5 keynote speakers, Neil Bellamy (NatWest), Gareth Davies (bedigital), Benjamin Thrower (bedigital), Geoff Worsley (bedigital) and Joseph Connor (Careful AI), took to the stage, they sought to demystify AI and contextualise what it meant for the businesses in the audience. 

The consensus was: every type of business can benefit from AI integration.  

Benjamin Thrower, Head of ITAM at bedigital, gave a detailed overview of the numerous use-cases for AI in business. This included the reduction of production line defects, fuel consumption and the general reduction of human-error when processes are fulfilled by AI. The example of AI implementation in the medical space and its ability to not only save professionals precious time, but also aid in the detection of illnesses that could otherwise be missed, showcased its undeniable significance. 

Gen AI

Neil Bellamy touched upon the significance of GenAI and the limitless possibilities that it could bring to society. This included call centres and support desks becoming 100% virtual, with AI powered sales development representatives replacing human ones. This was all in reference to a humorous billboard, spotted in Silicon Valley, that poked fun at the companies *still* hiring humans. 

Joseph Connor also discussed GenAI by showcasing the innovative solutions made by the CarefulAI team with their chatbot creation and implementation.  

Warming up for the panel session at the AI event with all the panellists

Taking a data-driven approach 

bedigital’s principal consultant and AI expert, Geoff Worsley, gave insight into his 25 years of experience in the tech world with one clear message: accurate data is crucial to AI success. Ultimately, poor data in = poor data out, and this is the reason why businesses are failing to see any ROI on their AI investments.  

However, accessing and collating this information can often be the hardest part of a successful AI adoption. That’s where bedigital’s AI Readiness Assessment comes in. 

Geoff outlined the key factors in the Readiness Assessment and how they work to make the process as swift and easy as possible. (Click here to find out more about the assessment and here to sign up for a chance to win a free one!) 

Panel session at the AI event in Cardiff

Governance and compliance 

Although perhaps not often considered the most exciting of AI topics, the importance of AI governance and compliance was a theme that permeated through the entire keynote and panel sessions. 

Ana Kocmut-Saunders (HCR Law) offered some insight into AI governance from a legal perspective, as she joined the panel session to answer audience questions. One key point that she discussed was the importance of paying close attention to all contracts and T&Cs to ensure that all AI processes are compliant and any data shared has been authorised.

Awareness is key when it comes to AI adoption. 

All of the Panellist speakers and the NatWest team at the AI event in Cardiff

The bedigital team had a great time working alongside these other AI experts to deliver this fantastic event. 

Stay tuned for our next one! 

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