Our brand-new brand refresh

By bedigital on January 29th, 2024

This January, bedigital really are embracing the ‘new year, new us’ mantra as we’ve undergone an extensive brand refresh. This change is marked by our reenergised logo and sleek new website.  

Rest assured, we’re still the same great people delivering the same great services, only now with branding that truly represents our business and the value we add to our clients. 

This blog gives you the inside scoop on the changes that we’ve made and why we’ve made them. We value uniqueness and always want to push the boundaries of our services, so we wanted to mirror this with the next stage in the evolution of the bedigital brand.  

Levelling- up our logo

The brand refreshed bedigital logo

We wanted our logo to be both recognisable and representative of us as a company. We didn’t need, or want, to switch up our pre-existing logo too much in order to do this, as it’s already emblematic of our company and our culture.  

We’ve retained the hexagons, as they represent the stability and structure of our business; they’re also a nod to our connective culture that shares similarities with a beehive (bee-digital, get it?).  

*Sidenote- our very first office space used to house bees on the roof, which undeniably helped influence our first ever rebrand from DMSG to bedigital. You could say it caused a bit of a buzz…. 

We’ve added colour to not only make the design more interesting, but as each colour represents a key function within our business: 

The three central hexagons represent the heart of bedigital: 

  • Blue: our primary colour that has been intrinsically linked to our brand from the start. The blue hexagon represents our core software services. 
  • Green: represents our new commercial advisory and optimisation function. 
  • Orange: represents our new data and AI function. 

The two pillars which flank and support our core services: 

We’ve not only optimised the aesthetics of our logo; we’ve increased the sustainability of our graphics also. Being mindful of e-waste is something that comes second nature to us, as we’re experts in IT Asset Management (ITAM). So, by ensuring that we have logos at a reduced file size to reduce energy consumption, and a range of colour gradients to be mindful of ink usage if printed, we’re taking steps to be sustainable. 

In effect, our new logo takes everything that was good about our old logo and makes it better. Just like how we’re expanding on our already-established services by adding two new ones to offer even more value to our clients.  

Revitalising our website

If you’re reading this blog post, then we don’t need to go into lots of detail about our shiny new website because you’re seeing it right now for yourself in real time. Instead, we’ll delve into some of the changes we’ve made and how they represent the next phase in the bedigital brand. 

At bedigital, our mission is to save leaders time and money. So having a speedy, user-friendly website is vital in reinforcing this mantra. Our website needed to reflect our time-saving expertise whilst also showcasing our professional, sleek new look. And we think we’ve delivered just that.  

  • Our process 

Our goal is to make technology change more transparent and efficient through our services. To do this, we thought that a breakdown of our process should be a vital component in our website.  

Under the ‘How We Help’ menu, we have our ‘Discover’, ‘Develop’ and ‘Deliver’ sections which outline the 3 stages in our process. 

Here, we go into detail about what we do, how we do it, and ultimately how it benefits the businesses that we work with.  

  • Our services 

To showcase the expansion of our services, our new website separates our specialities into clearly defined pages. This allows our clients to navigate both our site and our services with ease. If you want to know more about what we do and how we do it, our website is the place to go. 

  • Our people 

At bedigital, we know that our people are the key to our success. We thought it was only right to make our new website as personable as possible, so that our clients can see the real people behind the business.  

If you want to see the smiling faces behind bedigital, our website is the place to go! 

2024: the year of transformation

As specialists in digital transformation, all of us at bedigital are excited by this brand refresh marking the next stage in our evolution and our commitment to innovation.  

2024 is set to be our best year yet and we’re thrilled to have you with us on this journey. 

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