Looking forward to supporting DMSG clients’ digital transformation journeys.

By bedigital on January 4th, 2019

These are exciting times to have joined DMSG, award winning specialists in supporting public and private sector organisations through their digital transformation journeys.

For the last seven years I’ve been helping public sector clients use software and data to work smarter. First with Coactiva, providing business intelligence and risk software solutions. Then, following acquisition in 2014, as part of the public sector team at Callcredit (now TransUnion), one of the UK’s biggest credit reference agencies. What gave me most satisfaction over those seven years was hearing from clients who had realised tangible business benefits, such as identifying more tenancy fraud, by adopting new technology solutions or leveraging new data assets. Having previously spent 10 years in the public sector before joining Coactiva, I understand how imperative it is that the public sector spends money well and receives the expected return on investment when it buys a solution.

Here at DMSG our goal is that our clients will always realise the expected benefits of our services. By providing clients with expert support, from developing digital strategies to deploying critical technology skills, DMSG enable client success across the digital transformation journey. The results are impressive. DVLA selected DMSG to own the end-to-end process for the creation of an in-house Network Operating Centre (NOC) as part of its insourcing of ICT after 3 decades of running an outsourced service model. DMSG’s solution included design and implementation of a new 24×7 operating model, as well as building out the DVLA team required to deliver the new service. Our engagement with the DVLA resulted in a reduction in operating costs of 90% from the previous outsourced model and a productivity increase as, following DMSG’s involvement, 85% of incidents could be resolved by NOC teams without calling on the main networks team.

As the newest recruit to DMSG I’m looking forward to getting stuck in helping all our clients experience the same high level of success in 2019.

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