Five Ways Agile TAM Could Help Balance Your Budget

By bedigital on September 4th, 2020

At bedigital, our approach to Technology Asset Management (TAM), to maximise their value for the organisation. In its simplest terms, Agile TAM takes a service view of Asset Management to focus on the objectives and outcomes, making it easy for everyone to see exactly what is going on and change things up if it’s not working.

For so many companies, asset management has become a process and a frustrating and cumbersome one at that. But one size fits nobody. I would like you to see what I see! I want you to see TAM as a service, rather than a pain. It could save you serious time and serious money.

1) Better decisions give you better outcomes

What agile TAM gives you is the opportunity to make more informed decisions. Instead of asset management being an afterthought, it becomes an enabler. Your CFO, CIO, your Risk teams and Compliance Officers are suddenly all able to access the information they need consistently and transparently. Whether it’s renewals or asset vulnerabilities, your organisation gets to read from the same book. This makes for better decision making and less debate.

2) Putting what is valuable to you front and centre

What is it that your business actually needs in order to work smarter? An agile approach is all about understanding the pain points and frustrations unique to your organisation and not assuming they will be the same in a year’s time. By continuously identifying what’s causing problems, we can create bespoke models to make sure that everything points in the same direction: to what is valuable to you.

3) Giving you flexibility

Agile TAM allows you to recognise assets that are being over or underused. Over usage can mean a financial sting when it comes to a vendor audit. It also means that we can reduce drag by helping you anticipate risks and avoid them, rather than having to mop up a mess after it’s happened. It’s nonsense that you should be paying for anything you’re not using and paying to rectify the damage that could so easily be avoided.

4) Protecting your assets’ value

If I’m completely honest, I think most organisations have a problem with strategic thinking when it comes to assets. Companies put a lot of effort into the initial purchasing decisions which can represent multi-year, multi-million pound investments But, Once bought, relevant controls and governance measures aren’t put in place and most of the value is lost. If you understand upfront, what value you expect from the asset then it’s possible to create a proactive management approach which focuses on delivering the outcomes more effectively and with less cost. Also, by measuring the performance of the management approach against expected value, you have the ability to mitigate the risks of misuse or bad management for the long term.

5) Making the future, proof

Data, data, data. Agile TAM gives you an insight into exactly what is going on across your organisation; what assets you have, where they are, who’s using them and how much. This can then be used as information to help you make far better long-term decisions about the future of your systems (and that takes us right back to point one!).

If any of this has struck a chord with you, get in touch. I work with leaders in these predicaments all the time and would love to see how our approach could transform your business and start saving you some proper time and money.

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