Deadline looms for VMware licensing portal transition to Broadcom!

By bedigital on April 24th, 2024

Urgent action for VMware customers.

Broadcom have announced that VMware customers have less than 7 days to safeguard their organisation’s data before the migration to Broadcom’s Support Portal takes place.  

The deadline to extract your VMWare license keys and information is:  30th April 2024 5pm PDT (1st May 2024 1am BST)   

Broadcom have advised customers to export all their data from the VMware portal as certain information including allocation notes and license keys for expired products (perpetual licenses) will not be migrated.   

This announcement compounds previous changes by Broadcom including edits to the VMware product set, removal of free versions and changing the licensing model for existing users.   

Broadcom have also made terminology changes which may lead to confusion and mistakes.  If you are a VMware administrator within your organisation you should be aware that Broadcom will replace ‘divide’ by ‘split’ and ‘combine’ by ‘merge’.   

While the timescales are tight, it’s not unusual for software vendors to move customer data between license metrics and portals. So, act now to ensure you don’t lose your data!   

Here’s are some portal best practice tips to help maximise data safeguarding:  

Portal Best Practices   

  • We recommend that customers export their data from supplier portals on a regular basis, these are your legal records and may include notes and user assignments.   
  • Regularly review and update who has admin and access rights to your portals within your organisation.  

Vendor Best Practices   

  • If you don’t already have vendor management in place within your organisation, we can help create a vendor risk profile for you.   
  • To ensure you are not on diverged or on conflicted paths, re-visit your own strategy for your organisation’s software use.  
  • Understand vendor strategies; for example, Broadcom are looking for a quick return on their VMware investment and therefore, are likely to increase audits or introduce subscription licensing – which may financially impact your business. 

Are you ready to safeguard your VMWare license keys and protect your data?  

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