bedigital’s Guide on How Technology Positively Affects Climate Change

By bedigital on May 4th, 2022

When people think of climate change, they often think of sea levels rising and other physical consequences of global warming. But what about technology? Climate change is already affecting many aspects of tech- from the way it’s built to how we use it daily.

Learn more about the impact that climate change has on technology today and ways that we can rethink technology to make our future even better than our present.

Is It Time to Change Direction?

The post-COP26 era will be one of the most exciting and disruptive periods impacting all industries for decades. It is encouraging that the companies aren’t viewing COP26 as the conclusion but as a catalyst to do more. However, it remains unclear whether we are prepared to take advantage of all that lies ahead or if we are ready to continue down our current path. With so much uncertainty in front of us, it’s time to re-evaluate where we are heading and make sure we make decisions based on what is suitable for our customers and society rather than staying on the course because it’s easier or cheaper.

How is Bedigital reacting to climate change?

At Bedigital UK, we want to help lead these conversations and drive change within our industry. Bedigital has always looked at new opportunities with an open mind, even when others might disagree with how things should be done.

We believe there is room for:

· Change

· Growth

· Innovation

And there is no better time than now to seize upon it! This starts by challenging ourselves and understanding what needs to happen before those changes occur. Our environment is changing rapidly and so are our customers’ demands. It’s up to us as a company to adapt to stay relevant.

While I would love to dive into these ideas in more detail, I am focusing on one topic: technology.

1. AIoT – Integration into Measurement and Reporting

Managing multiple business units and assets with different emissions-producing assets, the vast labour required to categorise and organise data from various databases and systems. Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) integration allows for seamless sourcing of real-time activity level data and asset inventory data from multiple systems. It provides an organisation with the ability to efficiently structure, gather and transform data into accurate reporting for emissions monitoring and measurement, reducing overall efforts related to data collection and enhancing data quality and report generation.

2. Abatement Intelligence – Predictive Analytics to Simulate Emissions Over Time

Creating a reduction strategy is a challenge, mainly because there are no accurate metrics for determining emissions from particular processes. AIoT technology tackles this challenge by generating insights from real-time data to predict process emissions better. By analysing and learning from multiple functions, AIoT can refine and optimise the performance evaluation of mitigation strategies and forecast emissions predictions. Beyond optimising reduction strategies, this technology also reduces the overall marginal cost.

3. Carbon Offsetting and Offset Integration

It’s no secret that Climate Change is happening now; with it comes the inevitable consequences for your business. There are numerous ways to mitigate this threat, including Carbon Management Solutions. Your company can benefit from our carbon management solutions, including real-time measurement, reduction, and offset integration. This allows you to measure, manage, and comprehensively reduce emissions. In addition, we provide carbon offsets to help companies meet their goals of reducing emissions within a time frame or budget constraints. Offsets allow businesses to do better by purchasing an equivalent amount of emission reductions made elsewhere to compensate for their emissions. This means they don’t have to cut back on production or growth plans because they’ve already hit their emission reduction goals!

Corporate Responsibility Starts Here

Customers are much more aware of their suppliers’ performance around corporate responsibility initiatives and their impact on climate change. These two forces are working together to push all companies across all industries to set ambitious emissions reduction targets.

If you want to save money, it’s time to start looking into Carbon Management Solutions. The technology will help you manage and reduce your company’s carbon emissions. With this technology, you’ll be able to walk the walk to net-zero pledges. Driven by vital political, societal, and economic agendas, Carbon Management Solutions will be an integral part of emission reductions. Real-time measurement, deduction, and offset integration will help ensure companies talk and walk the walk and transparently meet their net-zero targets.

bedigitalUK Ltd – Carbon Reduction Plan – 2021

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