bedigital 2019 highlights – supporting employee development

By bedigital on December 10th, 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, in the run-up to Christmas we’re going to reflect on some of the things we are most proud of this year.

Our first post focuses on the success of one of our team members, Morgan Lewis, and how we’ve been able to help Morgan further his career aspirations this year.

Having worked with members of our management team in a previous company, we were delighted to have Morgan join the bedigital team as a Talent Manager.

When we asked Morgan why he chose to apply for the role at bedigital, he revealed his aspiration to further his career as a Project Manager and his hopes of one day progressing to our Project Management team.

Always wanting to bring the best out of our employees, we were really pleased to be able to support Morgan this year in achieving his a career milestone, by providing him with the ability to undertake a 5-day intensive APM Project Management Qualification. Morgan explains “I joined bedigital in January this year as a talent manager within the project support team. Having mentioned to my manager in our monthly 121 that I had a personal interest in project management, and a desire to undertake a certification at some point, in less than ten months I was offered the opportunity to undertake a 5-day intensive APM Project Manager Qualification course.”

We’re really proud to announce that Morgan’s hard work has paid off and he had news at the end of last week that he passed his course.

When we asked Morgan what he thought of the course and his result, he commented “Completing the course has given me a deeper insight into the responsibilities of a Project Manager and the challenges they face. It has been incredibly useful in understanding the methodology, the processes and challenges that come with delivering a successful project. All of which I now feel confident I can take back to my current role and look forward to utilising when I can support our client projects. It has also given me the tools to streamline processes within my department, which we are already seeing a benefit from.

“Working for an employer who takes my personal development seriously is very refreshing. Working for a start-up certainly comes with its challenges but it’s really encouraging to know that I can grow and develop my role in line with the growth and expansion of the business.”

This is what our Director Victoria Wood had to say on Morgan’s great achievement “Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing our staff learn and grow from both the experience they gain from working for us and the L&D support we like to offer. I look forward to Morgan furthering his career aspirations with us once again next year, by having the opportunity to put his learning into practice on a live client project.”

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